Celeste In The City: Who Am I and What Am I Doing…

I’m blogging to celebrate! The reason for this celebration is the success of my business. I am a local young female business owner who looks in the mirror every morning and says…”who am I”? Never as a kid did I think I was going to grow up to own my own business. To be honest…neither did my parents. Not because they didn’t believe in me. My parents are my BIGGEST fans…next to my husband and son. But because I’ve never been one to jump to the front of the line or be the leader of the pack. All that changed when I found my passion and drive. Passion for success and drive to provide stability to my family and better Homes for the people I work with. I treat every client I meet as a new member of my team. What a blast every day is being in this field of design. It’s one of the most exciting times of my life. Not just being in business but growing my business! Every year we get bigger and every year we get stronger. As a small business owner in one of the largest and most competitive cities in the country I am honored to call myself a business owner. Thank you to everyone who has supported me, referred me, and worked with me.

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